Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bargains at the co-op!

A quick post for those having a read right now. Just popped in to my local Co-op, just a small one in West Didsbury. I'm really glad supermarkets don't know what a vintage means to a wine. I just picked up a half case of 2006 Chateau Le Boscq, ste-estephe and the last 3 bottles of 2009 Domaine Jean Monnier & Fils Puligny-Montrachet Les Petit Nosroyes, Cote de Beaune. All at £7 each. A fair amount to fork-out at once, but also a saving of maybe £150! I may go back and try to pick up more of the white, if the wife and i like it. The only reason i can see for this crazy 60-70% off potential retail prices, can be that they found a load of old stock in the back, and wanted to get rid of it! They have both the 2007 red and 2010 white on the shelves, NOT included in the sale. I'll be popping in more often from now on, as they also stock a few other £20-£30 wines, that could be on similar bargain sales as new vintages reach the shelves. Happy hunting!

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