Thursday, 18 July 2013

2012 Hauck Riesling 'Spatlese Trocken'

I have an unusual one here. I don't know much about German wines and I know less about whites than reds. I do however, recognise the grapes at least. I'm not going to do a full tasting review as for other wines. I think it's probably better for me to just give you my overall opinion today.

A friend of mine from work told me recently that she is part of a winemaking family. I had no idea previously, but she is the niece of Mr Hauck of Weingut Hauck in Germany. I don't know where they are geographically, and a short google search of the address hasn't helped. They have a website though, so check it out for further info. In passing she said she was going home to Germany for a visit, and that she would bring a bottle back for me to try as, she knows i'm somewhat in to my wines.

Well she kept her word and brought me a Hauck reisling. I looked up the German on the label and apparently it is a dry white made from late-harvested grapes from old vines. This sounded right up my street. I've had old vine Chablis before and there was a definate added complexity to it that stood out above the regular. I thought the old vines lifted the regular Chablis at least half way towards the 5 year old premier cru i tried at the same time!

So, without messing about further, i really like this wine! Served a touch cold to start with, it opened up after a few minutes in the glass. The nose is very citric, with definate lemons and limes. The taste is clean and crisp to start and gets more complex as it moves over the tongue. It has good refreshing acitity that cuts through a slighlty syrupy undercurrent. I think this could come from the extra sugar in the late harvested grapes. Overall this is a good clean white wine this nice flavours. Fruitiness comes through the middle nicely, but i can't place it easily. There is also a lovely texture to it that feels like a sparkling wine. I've experienced it before but i'm not sure where it comes from. The finish is pleasantly tart and fairly long.

There you go, short and sweet. I'd like to see if I can get some more of this because i think it has the potential to age a little. We'll have to see if the local merchants can get it in for me! Final point, the wife cooked a lovely pasta carbonara tonight, which went superbly well with the wine. The richness of the creamy sauce was cut through well, and balanced by the wine. A great pairing!

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